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When an existing building or other type of structure is sinking or subsiding and probably cracking, underpinning is the method used to add a new supporting structure underground to prevent any further subsidence. Underpinning extends the breadth and depth of an existing foundation to provide better support.

Underpinning is usually carried out when cracks in the masonry / brickwork appear but is sometimes done as a precautionary measure.

If you need to underpin your building, building regulations apply. Care is taken to ensure the underpinning stabilises the movement of the building and any sewers and drains near the work must be considered.
There are many variations in the structure and shape of reinforced concrete used to underpin a building. In the simplist case, vertical columns of reinforced concrete are built under the existing building. Alternative methods employ vertical concrete columns spanned by horizontal columns that are directly underneath a wall or corner of the building.

We have years of experience creating many types of underpinning.

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